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Competitive (but fun) game mode

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I don't really have a name for the mode, maybe you guys can help me out with that but please, hear me out!

How it's played:

-On draft mode played in The Howling Abyss, this game consists of 5 rounds, but you only need to win 3.

-You must ace the enemy team within a 5 (or 10) minute time frame. Each player only has 1 life per round.

-A buff for champions increase all stats by x1.5 (including HP, mana, movement speed, etc.)
EXP and gold are gained rapidly for all players.

-There's also a buff (or flag / poro) in the middle of the map. If taken by a player, their team's stats are increased from x1.5 to x2 for 1 minute. (1 min 30 seconds buff respawn time).

-If time runs out, the round is awarded to the team with more players. If the amount of players are the same on both teams, there will be sudden death.

-In sudden death your health slowly decreases by 3% depending on your maximum health. The first team to die, lose the round.

That's all their is to it, simple and I think would be great fun, especially those who like competitive game modes like showdown snowdown.

Feedback is always awesome.