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New Champion Idea - Bao'Rek The Titan of the Void [UPDATED]

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Primary - Tank
Secondary - Fighter
Bao'Rek uses Rage that increases 5 per attack or damage taken.

Base Stats:
Health: 650-2300
Health Regen: 10-25
Mana: 300-1000
Mana Regen: 8-20
Damage: 65-100
Attack Speed: 0.69 (0%-40%)
Armor: 28-80
Magic Resist: 34
Movement Speed: 340

Passive: Adaptive Shell
Whenever Bao'Rek initially takes damage from any source
he gains 15/25/35/45/55/65 Armor or Magic Resist depending
on the damage type. The cap increases every 3 levels.

Q - Advance!
Bao'Rek charges a short distance and knocks aside enemy
minion or monster that he comes in contact with,
but stuns the first champion that he hits.
If Bao'Rek hits a wall he will smash through
it and his charge extends
for half the initial dash.
Magic Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+ 70% AP)

W - Strong Arm
Active: Bao'Rek can throw a held tree and deal damage in an AOE.
Passive: When Bao'Rek charges through a wall he grabs a
tree which increases his damage and
increases his range by 300 within 4 strikes or 6 seconds.
Trees are considered charges like Vel'Koz's W and recharges every 10 seconds.
Maximum of 3 charges.
Active Magic Damage: 70/115/160/205/250
Passive Magic Damage: 40/50/60/70/80 (+60% AP)

E - Vanguard
Bao'Rek can temporarily deploy a set
of spikes that would shield him for 4 seconds and reflect 20% damage back to an enemy
unit or monster until the shield dissipates.
Shield Strength: 50/100/150/200/250 (+%15 Armor)(+25% Magic Resist)

R - Destroy!
Based on the amount of rage Bao'Rek has stored up
he channels for a short time which he can then leap
to a distance and land on an enemy unit or hero.
The unit is then captured by Bao'Rek gigantic claws
and can be thrown within 2 seconds in a range of 600.
The thrown unit will stun and deal magic damage in an AOE.
The stun length is based on the remaining rage Bao'Rek has left with
the maximum being 3 seconds.
Bao'Rek can move during his ult but cannot dash or
escape with the aid of allies, such as Thresh lantern or
Kalista's ultimate.
Bao'Rek Does not have to have full rage to cast this.
Magic Damage: 100/200/300 (+30% AP)
Rage to Stun Duration Ratio: 40%=1sec/60%=2sec/100%=3sec
Rage to Distance leap Ratio: 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% = 600/650/700/750/800

Data Log:

Day 5: I finally reached the site and started exploring the newly uncovered ruins in Freljord, why the Institute sent me, I will never know. But then again I am the prodigal explorer.

Day 8: The ruins seem to contain runes that don't match any Freljord symbols ever recorded in history.

Day 12: I have done some research and found that these markings seem to resemble markings of the Void.

Day 23: These ruins are bigger than I initially thought they would be. I brought along a tome which contain any and all information about the Void and found that they seem to match some symbols but there are markings that don't correspond with anything in the book. The only word I was able to translate was "Titan".

Day 24: I have reached the deepest chamber, but something was ominous about it. There was huge and overwhelming stone door at the far end of the chamber larger than even a fully fed Cho'Gath. I must leave and bring back help to open it.

Day 30: I was able to gather some help from the Institute. Together we were a team of 6, 3 summoners and after word got out about this new discovery I had Jayce and Heimerdinger tagging along.

Day 32: We reached the ruins and it's deepest chamber to find the door to be cracked and rumbling. We quickly set down our gear and prepared for battle, as we stood in a battle stance we felt wind blowing towards and away from the door in a rhythmic motion like it was... breathing. We heard a bellowing roar that echoed throughout the ruins then the door burst open which knocked out Jayce and a summoner, Heimerdinger set up some turrets to suppress the beast while I tended to the wounded. The remaining summoners started to channel a spell while we unleashed a barrage of attacks. The beast seems to be unbothered by the assault and lifted it's huge arm to slam on to the ground but before his arm impacted the ground, it vanished.
I look around for the 'Titan' only to hear the summoners explain that they sent the creature to a containment chamber back in the institute that they prepared initally using a transportation spell. Whatever this 'Titan' is. It is a magnificent discovery.

Day 40: I arrive back at the institute to hear hustling and bustling of excitement among the summoners and champions alike. I look at the Newsboard, "New Discovery: The Titan of the Void".

For a look into what he looks like, here is an initial concept made 2 months back