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auRa eSports Looking for Plat+ Players

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Valkyrie Leona

Senior Member


Hey there summoners! With season 4 just finishing up, we're looking for new and dedicated players to join the ranks here at auRa eSports also for our newly created second team.

- Platinum or higher solo queue rating
- Willing to travel to offline tournaments throughout the year
- Constantly pushing yourself to get better at the game, keeping a professional perspective on the game
- Vocal in-game, even when down. Seriously focusing on the situation, etc
- Using Teamspeak 3 regularly, this means not just coming online for games then leaving but also to relax with the team out of the game. Furthermore able to have a laugh with the team while still having your game face on
- 18+
- Available Sunday-Thursday 740PM-1130PM (auRa eSports) or
Sunday-Monday 700PM-1130PM and Wednesday-Thursday 900PM-1130PM(auRa eSports Hypanova), including various weekends for tournaments and events, this means that you're able to balance your work/study load
- Able to critique each other in a positive manner and not taking it personally

auRa eSports Hypanova:
auRa ImpulseZ - Top
OPEN - Jungle
auRa Chokeville - Middle
auRa Hysteria - ADC
OPEN - Support

auRa eSports
OPEN - Top
OPEN - Jungle
OPEN - Middle
Styled - ADC
auRa Snakeboy1 - Support

If this sounds like you, PM me here on Cybergamer with this information:

Age -
Location -
Current rating -
Role & Champion pool -
Any competitive experiences prior -

Or simply add me in-game "auRa Snakeboy1"

Be sure that you are competent enough and meet all of the requirements before following up on a trial. Thanks for taking the time to read, see you in-game summoners!