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Riot should take this very seriously!!!!!! How can this happen in LOL ??

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About 10 days ago, I was playing ranked game. Our bot lane was doing quite fine even though the enemy team's Lucian came to the lane with infinity potions. So the funny thing started about at 13 mins. That Lucian bought a guardian angel and started his massacre. He could just kill anyone in less that 1 second, the way how he killed all of us was like when using the active of the Blade of the Ruined King.

You guys can check that game on any website. That player is called ??(due to the policy), and the game was on 2014.11.15. That guy actually used plug-in twice that day.Another one was when he's playing twitch. I have that game's replay just in case you guys need it.

I was not actually going to report him, cuz i thought it's very rarely to happen. But when I mentioned this to my friend yesterday, he told me he's seen it too. I really think u guys should solve this problem ASAP. To make us a fair LOL!

The attached image was the recording of that two games.


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Riot have been banning people for this I'm sure they will get this guy too since they said it was easy to tell when someone uses the hack/exploit. send a support ticket in with all the information you ahve to help Riot ban this guy faster.