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Skin idea " door salesmen braum"

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Salesmen braum
Is armed with a wooden door and a breifcase, he wears a fedora and a black red tie suit.

Quotes: (movement)"where there a sales to be made there are places to be". "Let us go we have many sales to be made". "Could I interest you in buying some Frejord milk, no oh well".

Taunts: " you know what they say sucker dies every minute" "I can cut you a deal or you have to do let me cut you first"

Jokes: knock knock who's there ? , wait hello who is there oh it was just me
animations: when using unbreakable door bell rings, glascial fissure causes money to burst from the ground. winters bite throws a suit case of money that t leaves a trail of money behind it. concussive blows Braum strikes target with a suit causing money to fall out.

Towards corporate: mundo " perhaps we can become business partners, yes ?
Recall: Braum knocks on his door and waits for it to open Braum then walks through the door