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Worst server community

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Gary Biaggi

Junior Member


Since I started playing this game in 2009 I've played on 4 servers and 4 of those years were NA primarily, I saw some bad things there but mostly it was a positive experience because there was a huge amount of players. But OCE is hands down the worst server of all to play on, almost everyone is toxic and most people have a god complex. In the past week I've had to afk several games due to either team trolling or just majority of the team being extremely toxic once someone dies, I'll probably get a temp ban for it, maybe even perma banned (goodbye 5 year old account and $600+ spent.) Now apparently we also have a very strict tribunal, but that certainly doesn't seem the case. I know each game I can go in and just mute my team but sometimes you forgot and the abuse starts pretty early, but having a way to block team chat as well as all chat could help with this.

I'm also just wandering if this is happening now that I've started playing a lot in pre season and I'm in only playing normals.