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The Holy knights Team Skin Concept

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It is finally done... Sorry for the delays finding time to make them was extremely difficult.
anyway i took some time thinking about the other possible champs that can be used from the comments from Crusader Charlie and The RavenHawke and here you have it:

(RP price: either 520 or 720)
Holy knight Pantheon (Jungle or top)
Holy knight Shyvana (Top or Jungle)
Holy knight Quinn (ADC)
Holy knight Braum (Support)
Queen Ahri (or a different title that suits you guys) (Mid)

all can be found in the link below. plus if you want, you can see each member in a simple grey background

Anyway comment, like, share, and hope for the best...
Sorry about Quinn's face if you notice it, couldnt make it better.

Next skin in progress Spec Ops Rengar Requested by dear fellow Crusader Charlie