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Ball Tag

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SKR Pulsefire

Junior Member


How to play:
1. you need to have a champion that can skillshot
2. you can use anything that is a SKILLSHOT( a lot of people ask me if they can use this and that so here it is...)
3. in game wait till 2:00 then everyone goes into the JG
4. you have to kill people using only a SKILLSHOT
5. if you die your out(just wait in base), wait till the next round
6. whoever is the survivor for THAT ROUND get a point for his team
7. after that round start another round and keep fighting until someone gets 5 points and they win

What not to do:
- no trolling please
- no pots
- no cheating

Perma Bans
Ez - OP as


im still working on this game to make it better so give me ideas if you have some