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Jungle main since season 2, looking for team.

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Hello OCE Forums,

I am looking for a Team with Professional attitude, a team that has time to organize a practice schedule and also is ready to have fun and create a community around our team.

I have been playing League since Season 1, on NA, until OCE was released. I have mained jungle since Season 2 when I became level 30.

I have 2 level 30 accounts, both which I jungle on. I reached Gold on both accounts but could reach higher with more focus and time.

I live in Australia so playing with others in my timezone would be convenient.

I've currently been testing a lot of different champions out with the new jungle but if I was to play my best I would play champions such as:

Kha Zix

I am willing to play what ever is desirable to my teams needs but I feel how the meta is currently that these champions are strong coming out of the jungle.

I have a Microphone/headset, and have teamspeak/skype for communication. (other software I can easily download.)

Please add me ingame to speak about this, and then we can take it further if need be. My ingame name is Cola

Thank you for reading , have a good day and goodluck in your games.