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saltiness on the Rift

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I was playing a normal game of LOL with my mate and it was one of those troll game where every one runs around not hitting one another. but the enemy bot lane did not enjoy that so they try harded till they won and it was not till the end screen where this happened. don't have to read all but you get the point i did nothing in game to revoke this but these guys should be banned for behavior like this.i don't get hurt easily but i know some people that would get really hurt by this. Riot really needs to take care of these guys

i am 10K playing vi

the two people that need to be banned Savagemang UlyssesJr

10K joined the room.
iiamanoob12 joined the room.
Nash Potato joined the room.
TSM Jungle4life joined the room.
UlyssesJr: was it worth you worthless ****s
Savagemang: was that worth it you ****ing poofters
Savagemang: get ****ing rekt you ****s
10K: so salty
UlyssesJr: ****ing suck so much **** vi
Savagemang: got free farm and kills all game
10K: why so mad
UlyssesJr: sooooo much **** you pleb ****
iiamanoob12: Add me
Savagemang: still couldn't ****ing take 2 of us on
10K: its a game
Savagemang: sooo ****ing horrible you disgsuting ******s
10K: chill
UlyssesJr: that we won
UlyssesJr: you pathetic ****
10K: 12/13
Savagemang: give me your address mate i'll show you how much a game means to me
10K: i had a good kda
10K: probs like 10yo
UlyssesJr: probs
UlyssesJr: but we ****ing rekt you!
10K: and getts beaten by there dad
UlyssesJr: so **** vi
Savagemang: kd ratio means ****ing nothing when it wasn't a real match you ****ing spastic
UlyssesJr: get good
Savagemang: where do you live mate?
10K: lel
Savagemang: what ****ing state?
10K: qld
UlyssesJr: 10 k worth of ****s and he still wants to stay and take more
Savagemang: where in qld?
10K: ask your mum
UlyssesJr: ...? come on mate
UlyssesJr: no **** comeback
UlyssesJr: jsut asnwer
UlyssesJr: scared little ****
Savagemang: where in qld do you live you little ****ing ****?
10K: tell me where you live first
10K: /
10K: scared **** ****
Savagemang: i'll smash your ****ing head infront of your school you ****
10K: XD
10K: you make me lol
10K: sp brave
UlyssesJr: (i removed his address from here for safety reasons)
Savagemang: i'll drag your ****ing mangled corpse up to your front step and beat the **** out of your parents
10K: ohhhhh
UlyssesJr: come ****
Savagemang: i would literally rape your mum you ****ing ****
10K: XD
10K: omg
10K: stop pls
UlyssesJr: omg
UlyssesJr: xd!
10K: to funny
UlyssesJr: too*
Savagemang: if your dad tried to stop me i'd cave his ****ing teeth him, tie him to a chair and make him watch me rape your mum
UlyssesJr: you dumb dog
10K: omg
10K: so funny
10K: XD
UlyssesJr: omg
UlyssesJr: so funny
UlyssesJr: xd
10K: ikr
Savagemang: after i'm done ****ing slitting her throat i'd smash your dad's knees in with a hammer
Savagemang: make him ****ing crawl for help
10K: XD
UlyssesJr: you realise what a complete waste of a human you are right
10K: lel
10K: that it
10K: ?
UlyssesJr: you understand that you're totally worthless
Savagemang: when he's almost there drag his pathetic soiled sack of **** to a curb and smash his head in half
UlyssesJr: you spent an hour i a game to lose
Savagemang: do you understand how ****ing serious i am right now ****?
10K: so
10K: its a game
10K: of norms
UlyssesJr: so you could buddy up with some 10 year olds you never met
10K: i
10K: dont
Savagemang: you ****ing tell me where your grandma lives and i'll ****ing go there right now to rape her
10K: care
UlyssesJr: because you have absolutely no life
UlyssesJr: you know it too
10K: so weird
10K: wtf
10K: yup
UlyssesJr: oooh getting to him
10K: you got me
UlyssesJr: we did
Savagemang: you're a ****ing 17 year old little ****** that thinks he's tough ****
Savagemang: i'll ****ing murder you ****
10K: thats why i was having fun in a game
UlyssesJr: so waddle back to the ****ing 3rd grade and suck another 10 k
UlyssesJr: you didnt have fun
UlyssesJr: you sat there staring at a comp screen
10K: how do i think i am tough?
Savagemang: ****ing mouthing off to me you dip****
UlyssesJr: with no friends
10K: XD
UlyssesJr: no one on mic
10K: lel
UlyssesJr: no one who gave a **** about you
UlyssesJr: to lose
Savagemang: do you think you can just say what you want to whoever ****?
10K: XD
UlyssesJr: and sit at the end screen copping abuse
10K: hah
Savagemang: i'm ****ing dead serious here you little maggot
Savagemang: give me your address
UlyssesJr: cos thats what youve had your wholelife
10K: lel
Savagemang: i'll kick your door down and beat the **** through your whole family
10K: wow
UlyssesJr: wow
UlyssesJr: xd
UlyssesJr: omg
UlyssesJr: ikr
UlyssesJr: xd
10K: sorry you whre beaten as a kid
UlyssesJr: wow
UlyssesJr: lel
10K: that it just copy what i say
Savagemang: your mum was beaten me off last night
Savagemang: you ****ing *** stain little ****
10K: ok then..
UlyssesJr: hahahahahaha
UlyssesJr: rekt
10K: ok then
UlyssesJr: just leave vi
10K: that it
Savagemang: i've seen bags of **** with more potential then you
10K: come on
UlyssesJr: no one ****ing likes you
10K: XD
10K: same comebacks
10K: every time
10K: 1 new one then i leave
UlyssesJr: end your miserable life and film it for us
Savagemang: literally everything i've said has been different
UlyssesJr: not a single re used come back
UlyssesJr: most authentic **** youve ever seen maggot
10K: 10K joined the room.iiamanoob12 joined the room.Nash Potato joined the room.TSM Jungle4life joined the room.UlyssesJr: was it worth you worthless ****sSavagemang: was that worth it you ****ing poofter
UlyssesJr: we stated the convo
UlyssesJr: the same
UlyssesJr: how is that re using
10K: XD
UlyssesJr: you dumb autistic little dog ****
10K: there is a new one
UlyssesJr: xd means nothing you know that right
10K: but not that mean
Savagemang: re using and similar are ****ing entirely different concepts you dumb ****
10K: it mean you are bad at making me lol
UlyssesJr: you understand anyone whos ever used that is a ****ing worthless virgin muppet ****
10K: XD
10K: ok then
Savagemang: pay more attention in class instead of looking at the jock's semi erect ***** you gay ****
10K: but u used it like 12 times
UlyssesJr: youve sucked a lot of **** though ill give you that
UlyssesJr: and you broadcast it to eveyrone good for you
10K: same thing see
10K: both tak]lking about ****s
10K: why
10K: not even mean or funny
10K: just dumb
Savagemang: give me your address
UlyssesJr: well dont tell everyone how many youve jerked and sucked in your 10 pathetic years on this earth and we wouldnt have to
10K: i am legit not even hurt try harder
10K: pls
10K: for me
UlyssesJr: you are crying on the other side of this comp
Savagemang: give me your address and i'll make you hurt
10K: nope
UlyssesJr: gives me a lot of satisfaction
UlyssesJr: even more than your mum did last night
10K: hmm
Savagemang: dayummmmm
Savagemang: this kid mate
Savagemang: got rekt
UlyssesJr: but she sucks a good ****
Savagemang: so hard
Savagemang: oooo
UlyssesJr: you taught her well
Savagemang: hahahaha
10K: thats cute your little duo buddy making you lol <3
Savagemang: arithra franklyn's number one hit
Savagemang: R E K T
UlyssesJr: we are laughing out loud yeah
10K: i dont fell rekt
UlyssesJr: its good fun
UlyssesJr: where your mates?
UlyssesJr: ohhh right
Savagemang: your mum's arse did
10K: still in here
UlyssesJr: feel*
Savagemang: felt rekt when i plowed it
UlyssesJr: you have none ****
10K: ok then
UlyssesJr: morgana doesnt know you
Savagemang: go use your tears as lube for your dad's **** so you don't prolapse again tonight
Savagemang: rekt
Savagemang: rekt
Savagemang: rekt
UlyssesJr: pretending to have friends
UlyssesJr: so sad
UlyssesJr: hahaha
UlyssesJr: destroyed
10K: you relly like talking about **** dont u
Savagemang: this kid
Savagemang: so mad
10K: nah
UlyssesJr: u luv **** lol xd
Savagemang: butt hurt little gay ****
UlyssesJr: so salty
10K: haha
Savagemang: saltoneson
UlyssesJr: haha
UlyssesJr: lel kek
Savagemang: toy ****
UlyssesJr: so salty
10K: ok then
UlyssesJr: XD
UlyssesJr: lololol
10K: that it one more relly good one
Savagemang: kek
10K: pls
UlyssesJr: that it
10K: do it
UlyssesJr: -vi 2014
10K: pls
Savagemang: i'm gay - 10K 2014
UlyssesJr: pls - 10k 2014