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Zac Skin Idea

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''Nano-Tech Zac''otherwise known as ''Transformium Zac''

I have watched the movie Transformers 4 and the scene when they display the transformium just amazed me. Then i noticed that it has the same movement of a matter that couldnt hold its shape. Like the champion Zac. Zac has only one skin and this is the perfect concept of a 1350-1820 skin in my opinion. The main reason this concept had come to my head was this scene (watch start and finish at 1:37).


The reason i called this ''Nano-Tech'' Zac was because of Zac's passive. The bloblets could be robotic pieces that form together. Or they could be nano bugs of some sort.

Zac's Q could be the robotic pieces going the direction it was set to go and then coming back in.

Zac's W could be the pieces going out and then rushing back in.

Zac's E was really easy to think of. It Could work the same way it does in the youtube clip. In Saying that, I do not mean the exact same way. Maybe it could be randomised movements each time he uses that ability or when the range is increased.

Zac's R/Ultimate could be him going into the state of just being the flow of the robotic pieces like in the youtube clip and when his ultimate is finished he is risen back up into his natural form.

Zac's Health Blobs that appear after an ability is cast and hit could be scattered pieces of the metal in randomised shapes maybe?

I would love feedback on this and even concept art would add a really good push for this skins potential.