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Store idea: Buy bundle as upgrade option.

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TLDR: When you have already bought a champion, and a bundle is available, it should upgrade what you bought to the bundle amount.

This already happens in most of the promo offers. The problem comes up with new character releases, where someone might purchase the character outside of the bundle, and then want the bundle. This happened to me during the Kalista release since the bundle wasn't immediately available, but the champion was. Riot Support have said in my case they're not willing to let me buy the Bloodmoon skin for an adjusted amount to reflect the total bundle amount. So, the suggestion for the store is so that it follows the following, logical, format:

- Only happens when a bundle is available.
- If the character is already owned but comes in a bundle, discount that champion's effective RP from bundle. (e.g. If a champion was 975RP but at 25% off in a bundle at RP731, it would be the bundle value at RP731 discounted.)

- This would benefit the players so that they don't waste RP on things they already have.
- Players would also be able to take advantage of current offers, new bundle offers, and so on.
- Riot benefits, regardless, because people will be spending RP.
- The more Riot caters to the needs of players, the more players will be willing to spend on the game.