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The Mechanics Custom

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Hey guys.

So what with me spending more and more time playing this game and investing more hours into it I have started to care about the finer aspects of controlling champs. Like practicing Azir's Q,E dash and Kallista's Q, wall jump (is this possible cause regardless of how much I practice I can't seem to jump walls) I would like the ability to have a custom game mode where you don't have any mana, CDR or money constraints just so you can practice doing combo's and experiment with new items without having to worry about wasting money or time. Like mastering the art of flash Lee Sin ult (just an example) which you would usually have to wait about 5-6 minutes to practice. I don't know if anyone else feels the same but it's something that I would like to have the ability to do.

I got the idea off Dota 2 where you can input some code in a custom game where you can give yourself infinite money, no mana use and no cool downs.