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Junglers broken wtf honestly

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alright since the new update hasn't anyone else been thinking that junglers have become such ******** honestly they refuse to play with team, zero ganks nowadays all they do is farm jungle.... yer alright farm jungle and get fed but don't continue to farm jungle if u see your team getting demolished in lanes and could use some gank, recently they just dnt care, it doesnt help that their fed from farming jungle and then vs a whole enemy team thats fed as **** cmon whats happening here.

riot jungle is so messed up now

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Claire Farron

Senior Member


It's not the junglers, it's the jungle. Only a few junglers can survive the new jungler with just a machete and 2 pots and still manage to gank early. Some can't lmao.

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The most common way of jungling now if to try and clear 2-3 camps before backing to heal, get jg item and some pots. Even with udyr, one of the top 5 junglers this season has trouble early, have you seen those raptors shred him yet? Jungling becomes easier for him after the jg item but still, there is trouble the jungle now is in a bad way in terms of early jungling. Most ganks cant occur until at least 5 min now, the only jgler who can gank earlier would be a high sustain jgler, and when i say high sustain i mean high sustain, xin even with his sustain takes his time getting ready for a gank, people like warwick with even better sustain can gank earlier but are not that much use early, most warwick's don't gank until level 6, some do but most don't.(Warwick is the #1 jgler this season)

Its not a matter that the jgler doesn't want to gank, its a matter than they can't gank

If a jgler takes the correct path its much easier, but most jglers are using old path, Buff --> Wolves/wraiths
--> Buff.

But to make it easier for the jgler its actually easier to get a leash on the either Gromp or Krugs and to smite it for its buff and then ask for a quick 3/4 leash on the buff. But even if they dont give you that quick leash you can solo it because of the buff from the Gromp or Krug. Though i would rather the Krug buff for the stun, which negates lots of damage, due to the frequent stun, with about 1.25 attack speed the stun is pretty much perma.

(P.S. Killing the Gromp or Krug camp grants you level 2. Killing the buff then the other camp will give you level 3.)

(Side note: The Raptors are extremely strong, i recommend skipping them and killing the wolves if doing red. After reaching level 3 i also recommend to back then buy some pots and jg item.)