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[qVp] Looking for Dia+ Mid/Support

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Team: Quiet Vacuum Pumps

We are a serious team playing competitively. We are wanting to attend most of the LANs that will be available and also play competitively online. We just got our ranked 5s team to diamond 5 and are currently looking to solidify a main five to move forward.

Our team has been together for a while. During this time we have had high placings at LAN events, whilst also winning online tournaments. We are a great group of friends that enjoy playing with each other while also helping each other get better.

What we're looking for:
- Must be 17+
- Live in Victoria
- Be available most nights
- Have Skype
- Diamond +
- Be mature and sociable
- Be able to handle criticism.
- Be able to listen and act accordingly.

Current Line Up:
Top: FlexRainZ
Jungle: Chennyg
Adc: Wije
Subs: Inevitable, iennie

To apply just reply to this thread with:
- Name
- Age
- Rank
- Champion pool
- Availability
- Play style
- Anything else you would like to add

Thanks for reading, we are excited to see what you guys bring to the table!

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The Phose

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- Name: Jeremy
- Age: 24
- Rank: D5
- Champion pool: (order of what I play/best at): Nami, Leona, Thresh (I don't like him as much), Sona, Morgana, Janna, Annie.
- Availability: Pretty available, I am on uni holidays till March.
- Play style: Practice makes perfect. I tend to want to obsess over the same 2-3 champs and work with someone else consistently, rather than changing around with different players often. Also, with Leona particularly (over 400 ranked games in 2 seasons on here) I really like to be aggressive, go hard, back off, go hard again with CDs up.
- Anything else you would like to add: I don't overly like the name but I am happy to go with it. I've had a lot of experience with competitive games (WoW, CoD, Eve), so I think I'd be a good match here.