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wired internet doesn't work but wireless does.

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I have been willing to make the transition from a wireless internet connection to a wired because I have heard good things about it working faster. So i connected the wired internet cable thing together and it works for about 30 seconds to a minute perfectly then cuts out and never goes on again. i have been wanting to find a solution to this for a while but i haven't had any luck. i have 3 different cables and it does the same with all 3.

I also believe that if I have a wired internet connection then my sister will be able to watch her PewDiePie videos without interrupting my LOL game, giving me 250+ ping. > >

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It doesn't quite work that way, My much younger sister does that too. 500+ ping ;( Wired vs Wireless doesn't affect it really. Unless her device is connected via wire.