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Which of these would you consider the best jungler?

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Junior Member


As title states
Lee sin
Jarvan IV

Who is best at:
Damage Output

Also which one is your favourite and why??

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Devil God King



1. Lee Sin
Early game level 1-4 is a bit rough so you don't have so much leniance in your rnm. God tier ganks and potential for map control. Very good logistically crossing terrain. Huge damage output if you combo right which can be tricky at times trying combined with transversing creepwaves/positioning.

2. Kha/J

Bot equal in my eyes, fill different rolls but equatably balanced.
Kha early game + tower push is huge. Sword of the occult & resets is gg if you can farm it early. Should never die either. No shield for tower dives but can skip/dodge a tower shot if you leap at the right time.
J4 far better in team collapse with knockups & ult. Can do some minor scouting with flag throughout early-mid.

All 3 are great for their distance clears/approach/opens. Try play hecarim or pantheon some time with flash from jungle (flash over ghost because the disjoint gives you more options/angles.

Pantheon is my favourite jungler but out of those 3 probably lee sin, just, over j4, then kha.