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Oce - Batsii's HD Stream (Tips And Tricks For Low Elo)

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Hi all, i have recently started streaming my league of legends gameplay to twitch.tv on the oce server. My stream is set in 1080p for your enjoyment. I am a platinum top laner who plays seriously but also has fun to keep you entertained. i answer questions, do straw polls on champs and explain my train of thoughts on my lane and issues that arise with it. My role as a new streamer is to keep you entertained while I play but at the same time educate you my lane match ups and try to help you guys out to the best of my knowledge.

Why I recommend watching my stream? Unlike pro streamers I was once in bronze (low elo) so I know what it takes to get out of the low divisions and the mind set it takes and will answer all questions in my twitch chat to help you guys out. Watching a challenger player is entertaining but doesn’t really help you as a single gamer climb elo due to the fact that challenger end of gameplay is so even, where as in low divisions ( Bronze – Platinum) the skill varies from people who are climbing and the people who are falling (feeders vs People who carry). So as I Climb I will give you an understanding of how my gameplay will change depending on the champ I am vising and the division I’m in.

As i am new i am trying hard to get my name out to the public and I greatly appreciate all support from the public (You Guys ).

Stream Url : http://www.twitch.tv/batsii (http://www.twitch.tv/batsii)

Please come and check it out of your looking for a new home

Thanks for your time