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Guide for new players so you can get the most enjoyment from your first few games.

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Hi, I have decided to make a guide to help new players in the rift. it will cover basics and the more complicated stuff in league and will help you get the most enjoyment from your first few games. if this gets upvoted a bit i will make more guides for roles and strategies, hope you like it.

what is farming, farming is getting the last hit on creeps to get some gold to afford items. getting farm or cs (creep score) is difficult but os the most useful tool to master and can help you outclass the enemy very easily early and late game. how do you get farm? you get farm by getting the last hit on an enemy minion or neutral monster. how can I get farm easily? you can get farm easily by letting your creeps fight their creeps and kill them at the last moment.
lanes and the jungle
lanes are one of the most important aspects of league of legends. but what are they? there are 3 lanes in the game, each lane has 6 turrets along it, 3 on your side helping you and 3 on the enemies side helping them. a turret is used to protect the side they are on, firing bullets at any enemy that walks past, these need to be defeated in order to win the game. every 30 seconds creeps spawn from both bases of the map (if you don't know what the map looks like look here http://narishm.deviantart.com/art/League-of-Legends-Summoner-s-Rift-Regions-Map-413345149 ) creeps fight for you and help you destroy towers by taking the shots for you.
between the lanes is a jungle where there are monsters, they won't attack anyone unless someone attacks them first, these monsters grant gold and some xp if defeated, some even give a small buff.
the roles in league of legends are (roles are what each person does to help win the game)
ADC the ADC stands for attack damage carry, they are usually partnered with the support. the ADC lanes in the bot lane where he will farm with help from the support, the ADC buys attack damage, attack speed lifesteal and critical chance.
SUPPORT the SUPPORT is a champion who helps the ADC get cs. the SUPPORT usually has a heal or a shield or a pull.
MID LANER the MID LANER is the person who goes mid, he normally goes by himself.
JUNGLER the JUNGLER is the person who farms in the jungle and occasionally comes to gank (go to a lane to help your allies get a kill) other lanes. don't worry about jungling until level 20, instead just have 2 people top.
TOP LANER the TOP LANER is usually a solo person who farms top lane but before level 20 2 people usually go there.