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Leveling partner(s)?

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Junior Member


Hello community,

So currently this smurf is around level 6-7 and I would love somebody else to level with or even a few people as soloQ is quite boring. especially in normals.

Note: if you are a smurf/gold+ adc main, i'd love to get some tips from you! (Tristana/Vayne/Twitch)

I'm a silver 4 smurf, nothing fancy, but I thought it would be easier learning new champs/roles starting fresh instead of at level 30 and getting facerolled.

In game name: Koshiro

Throw me an add (:

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Senior Member


Hello Koshiro.

Feel free to add me on this account or "hi im joys" . Both are active smurfs I am levelling. I don't main adc but I do main support c: