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If you are being chased (Playing as Vayne)

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If you are being chased by one champion, run to a wall. Once you and the enemy are close to the wall, this is the tricky part so listen carefully, Activate Final Hour (Default key + R) and IMMEDIATELY use Tumble (Default key + Q) directly behind the champion and use your Condemn (Default key + E) to stun them to the wall. Once stunned, keep attacking and attacking. Once the stun duration runs out, kite and kite! Time your flash (If you have it) to dodge there skill shots. Don't rush it. If you were trying to do this on a Zed, you are just commiting suicide and you would probably dislike this thread. Also try not to use your barrier, ignite or heal too soon because if you use it too early, someone like caitlyn can use her ult at you with nothing to protect you!

NOTE: This is a hard play to do so if you fail to do this, practice. Try practicing with friends or bots if you plan to main Vayne or learn her Mechanics.