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How do I carry my games? And tips and tricks for jayce/vlad?

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Hi guys, I'm new to the forums so don't judge my wording. I have been struggling to carry my games in any role and I would like some tips on it and how to remove pressure in-game because when the pressure builds up, I make fatal mistakes like missing all my Razor Shurikens in a 1v1 or teamfights or ultimate the wrong person as yorick to even counter striking the wrong opponent as jax. I need some help.

I have saved up for jayce and I would like some tips and tricks if I were to play him mid/top that would be benificital to the team. And any tips on vlad, I like him and all but now I've gotta save up ip to buy him.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Again this is my first time here so don't get toxic on me

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In general getting a good cs score always helps. But as for jayce Top I can give you some general tips.

Using his Q+E combo is easier to hit if you Q first then E. It takes practice but leave less time for your opponent to react.

When in ranged mode using W then switching over to R quickly before auto attacking does two things:
* increase damage output
* Refunds you mana

Your poke combo is in ranged form --> Q, E, R, Q, E all in quick succession, after e then run