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Bots On My Team

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We can't be sure that there are actually bots in-game. Most commonly there are loads and loads of trolls that just want to ruin games and mess with people.

By good effect here you are verbally raffling on about it. Objective complete and you guys hate it! At the end of the day you just push objectives and win Bot Games. Easy. Otherwise its just a game.

It's usually very easy to tell between trolling and someone using a bot program. The botter's actions are so repetitive/predictable you can almost see the logic loops used to setup the bot program.

"Walk up lane -> if enemy in range -> attack enemy -> if skill available cast at enemy -> if teammate in range cast support skill on teammate -> if gold more than XX amount buy item Y -> etc."

And if you want confirmation of a bot user, open up the "recently played" list in the social menu after the game and look at their player profile and match history. The botter will be the one with 0 kills in any games in their match history and champions with random repetitive items.

There might be bad players, however there are no HUMAN players bad enough that they have played enough games to get to player level 10-20+, but still don't know how items work and get 0 kills in 10 consecutive games vs AI (and haven't given up on LoL).