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Unique Vayne Build

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So my friend I was playing with was adamant on building Blood Thirster first item on Vayne, instead of the more common Blade of the Ruined King first item. Their team did have two tanky opponents: Taric and Sion both building full tank. His reasoning was: "they weren't tanky during laning", "better flat damage from BT". Was he correct? Because i disagree however I'm unsure, What are your opinions?

Also he was stubborn in getting Boots of Swiftness instead of Bezerker Grieves for the "kite potential" once im not sure about this either :\


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If you were going someone like Caitlyn, blood thirster or IE wouldn't be too bad.

The reason a vayne builds BOTRK is because it gives attack speed and %hp dps.

Vayne can shred peoples hp way faster using BOTRK as vayne can abuse the attack speed on BTORK to shred people using her passive, kite while life-stealing enemies and with the q auto attack reset, it will give enemies a very hard time if they cannot lock down vayne.

Boots of Swiftness is very situational but Id say not necessary as vayne as you have a 2 second cd gap closer with invisibility to kite and dodge.

Sometimes a teemo may go boots of swiftness as teemo has no knockback so slows will kill teemo but I believe for a vayne, if you really want move speed, go for phantom dancer or static shiv.

The reasoning for BT was also probably not that great.

They way a vayne deals with full tank is by leveling up her passive w, and having btork to proc it multiple times since it deals true damage and %hp which means there is no such things as tanks to vayne, only sitting ducks as tanks have no damage to kill vayne.

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What Mui said is pretty decent. My preferred Vayne build is as follows. Bork/Youmuu's Ghostblade/Phantom Dancer/Last Whispers/Mercurial Scimitar/Berserker's Greaves. (If gold is sufficient I swap out the boots with a Zephyr)

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2 dorans and a static shiv.

its like the poor mans equivalent of bt and pd