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OCE needs a new idea!

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Ok so maybe we don't have a tribunal, for what ever reason that is. We need a better way to clean up the player base in OCE. I know Riot Lyte has been doing some awesome things with the player base and how to effect changes that are more then just a ban in NA.

I would love to see some idea's out of OCE.

Some thing like boosting rewards for the honor system, or a more decisive statement from Riot about what they are doing to take action.

I love the game and i'm not going to say fix it or i'm leaving. I'm saying how can we all fix it?
Its the internet there will always be trolls. There will always be people that have bad games and get reported unfairly. Such is life, but right now its a free for all in OCE.

So give ideas people. We need some thing that works for OCE.

Check out Riot Lyte and what he is up to.
like auto ban intentional feeders etc...

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Kid Korrupt

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cant we just have the team builder as a option all the time stop a lot of the toxicity

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Your Neighbour



You realise riot doesn't read this forum lol

Scroll down to the troll threads opened about a month ago