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Happy vile quest to fame and fun has begun so lads and female lad’s reed below.

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Welcome one and one and all I am the happiest happy man in all of happy vile. We need a team for our little town located in the equator, yes that’s right in the equator. Now it would not be very lady like of me to announce that I am giving you that chance. Yes ‘You’ of all people I know but together we can go on a buck-squashing adventure’s and visit mountains of candy or maybe even evil pirates, or evil pirates that can take us to berried tressure on a mountain of candy, who knows.

We cross oceans of sharks and other perilous dangers but we can overcome all that threatens our fun social happy quest of awesome. So I’m going to ask you one more time who wants to chat, And I mean chat like lads and lady’s all alike and conquer on a conquering quest to fame and fortune were we can buy all the candy mountains in the world. So happy adventure maker of awesomeness, are you ready to play?. May rejoice be with you, but may you be eaten by scary pirate sharks if you’re not with us although that would still be unfortunate.

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I am so confused.