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Koman, The Wolf Prince Champion idea

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The Ravenhawke

Senior Member


In the city of Noxus, strength and power meant everything, and individuals were decided where they belong because of these traits. Koman grew up as an orphan, a child with no parents. He struggled to keep himself and his younger sister alive as they grew up in the orphanage. When the time came, Noxian soldiers came to the orphanhouse looking for recruits. Koman and his sister were taken by the soldiers to become warriors of Noxus. Koman proved to be a valuable recruit, mastering the sword before he was even twenty two years old. Although he was a part of the army of Noxus, he spent most of his time alone in training, or with his sister, who had mastered a broadsword nearly taller then her. Koman fought his first battle at a small village in Ionia. After the battle was over and the village burned, his comrades captured the remaining survivors. To Koman’s surprise and horror, the survivors were tortured and raped before they were killed. The Noxian general demanded why Koman wanted to let the survivors live, and his response angered the commander. He ordered the other soldiers to kill Koman, because he was corrupted by weakness and mercy. Koman fought his way out, killing many of the soldiers he once stood beside. He ran, wandering into a nearby forest. Koman slowly traversed through the forest, the sun shining through the trees. He was heavily wounded and he wandered into a clearing before falling unconscious, due to loss of blood.

Koman awoke to find himself inside a dark and mysterious temple, and a young woman approached him, and she introduced herself as Elise. She told him she was the priestess of an ancient order, and she found him near the temple, unconscious and alone. She took him in and nursed him back to health. He stayed at the temple for years, and he was trained as a temple guardian. Even though he was a Noxian by nature, Elise saw him for a kind and merciful person, not like most other Noxians, who only believe in power and strength. When the time came, Elise summoned all the guards, priests and priestesses to the temple and told them it was time to find their god. They ventured out into the Shadow Isles. They followed Elise deeper and deeper into the haunted place, until they reached a clearing. A large, demonic spider fell from the heavens, and all of Elise’s followers tried to flee in terror, but magical webs stopped them in their tracks, except Koman, who stood there, completely frozen with horror. Elise smirked at him and blasted him with a powerful spell, knocking him down into unconsciousness.

Koman was held captive by the half-spiders, and for over a week, every day Elise would approach him and torture him, cutting him in various places, including leaving a wicked scar diagonally down his right cheek. In the middle of the night, Koman awoke to find himself in a different place to where he was before, and stood to find a giant werewolf standing in front of him. The werewolf spoke to him, and told him that the Wolf god had saved him from Elise’s clutches, because Koman had been chosen to lead the werewolves against the spiders. The werewolf said that the Spider King defeated the werewolves in a war long ago, and now, the spiders want control not only over the Shadow Isles, but over all of Runeterra as well. The werewolf explained that Koman was born to be a werewolf, from the very beginning, and he had been chosen to be the wolf inside Koman, so he can gain the power to defeat the spiders, once and for all. The werewolf also stated that he was Nialthiem, the wolf god himself, and told Koman that if he became what he was meant to be, he could gain the strength to get revenge on Elise for her betrayal. Above all else, Koman wished Elise to pay for what she had done. Grimly, he accepted.

Nialthiem disappeared, changing into a spirit like form. His spirit charged into Koman’s body, and inside his body Koman could feel Nialthiem binding his soul to Koman's. Koman screamed in agony as eyes began to glow red, his veins also turning the same colour. After it was over, Koman could no longer feel the presence of the werewolf. He and Nialthiem had become one being. With the werewolf a part of him, shown by a large circular marking that covered his left eye, and his new power gained, he left to find the woman he once loved who had betrayed him, so he could have vengeance. Koman became known as The Dark Wolf, or the Wolf prince. He joined the League of legends not only to fight as a representation to the Werewolves, but also to have his revenge. Elise had nowhere to hide.

“I don't mind having scars, just as long as they are visible. The scars you can't see are the ones that hurt the most." -Koman, The Dark Reaver.

Base Stats:
Health: 450 (+90)
Health Regeneration: 7 (+0.6)
Mana: 230 (+25 per level)
Mana Regeneration: 5 (+0.8)
Range: 125
Attack Damage: 51 (+3)
Attack Speed: 0.664 (+3%)
Armour: 17.5 (+3.0)
Magic Resist: 30 (+0.5)
Movement Speed: 345
Werewolf Form Movement Speed: 360


Mana cost: none.
Cooldown: none.
Bleed damage: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 50 (+15% Attack damage)
Bleed Duration: 6 seconds.

Koman's passive is Redemption. Whenever Koman scores a critical hit with his basic attacks or his first cast of Death's Embrace, his target will bleed for a short time and get a healing reduction debuff. Upon excessive critical hits, the passive bleed resets the duration.

Death's Embrace:
Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50.
Cooldown: 5 seconds.
Damage: 75/90/115/160/205
Slow Duration: 1.25 seconds.
Slow Strength: 50%
Ratio: (+100% bonus attack damage) (+80% ability power)
Range: 350
AoE Range: 350

Koman's Q ability is Death's Embrace. Koman slashes downwards at a target, dealing damage to a single target and slowing them. If the attack critically strikes, then the target will also bleed for a short time. Death's Embrace also applies on-hit effects, such as life-steal and sheen. Death's Embrace also deals damage to all enemies in the katana's path, but does not apply on-hit effects to those targets.

Mana cost: no cost.
Cooldown: 6 seconds.
Ratio: (+70% bonus attack damage)
Range: 325

Koman's Werewolf form's Q ability is Lethality. Koman strikes a single target with his claws, dealing damage based on how much health the target is missing.

Guardian's Blessing:
Mana cost: 40, 40, 40, 40, 40
Cooldown: 16, 14, 12, 10, 8.
Attack speed increase: 35%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%
Bonus magic damage: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Koman's W ability is Guardian's Blessing. The inscriptions on Koman's blade begin to blaze, passively granting Koman bonus magic damage with basic attacks (In Human form only!). The bonus magic damage increases with every rank of Guardian's Blessing. Koman can activate this ability to dramatically increase his own attack speed and double the bonus magic damage on his basic attacks for 5 seconds.

Hidden Threat:
Mana cost: No cost.
Cooldown: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10.
Buff duration: 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.
Bonus magic damage ratio: (+70% Ability Power)

Koman's Werewolf form's W ability is Hidden Threat. Koman goes into invisibility, gaining slightly increased movement speed while the invisibility is active, on Koman's next basic attack, he deals bonus damage.

Mana Cost: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90
Cooldown: 14, 12, 10, 10, 8.
Range: 475.
Attack damage ratio: (+90% bonus attack damage)
Stun Length: 0.5 - 1.5 seconds (Depending on how far Koman travelled.)

Koman's E ability is Scythe. Koman charges his magical power around him before dashing to a target, dealing high magic damage and stunning the target, based on how far Koman travelled during the cast-time. Koman will do damage to any units he passes through, but he will only stun the target he is locked on too. The stun length in increased depending how far Koman travelled.

Mana cost: No cost.
Cooldown: 12, 10, 8, 6, 6.
Range: 600.
Ratio: (+80% bonus attack damage)

Koman's Werewolf form's E ability is Descent. Koman leaps to a target area, dealing damage and slowing the targets. The damage is increased dramatically if Koman is in stealth before using Descent.

Blood of the Wolf:
Mana cost: No cost.
Cooldown: 6 seconds.
Bonus movement speed: 15.
Bonus life-steal: (10% bonus life-steal).
Armour loss: (-10% of Koman's current armour).
Range: Self

Koman's Ultimate is Blood of the Wolf, and is automatically learned at level 1. When activated, Koman transforms into Werewolf, gaining all new abilities. Koman also gains bonus movement speed and Life-steal, at the cost of lowered Armour (percentage)

Koman is a 26 year old, rugged battle hardened warrior, with icy eyes and messy, pale white hair. He wears black clothing, with a short cape behind each leg. His left arm in covered in steel plate, with a round shoulder guard and a gauntlet to cover his hand. His right arm has no armour, but rather the same black cloth armour with a fingerless glove. He also wears a red cloth band around his upper right arm, as it belonged to Elise before she turned. Black cloth pants and black leather boots cover up his legs. He has a black hood behind his neck and he wears a steel necklace, shaped as a Long-sword with a blue gem in the center of the cross-guard. The necklace was given to him by Elise before they travelled to the Shadow Isles. He has a sheath over his right shoulder on his back, where his sword rests. His sword is long and large, with glowing blue inscriptions along the blade. Over his left eye, is a strange looking black tattoo, which is also a mark left from the werewolf. His face and mouth are covered in small scars, including a massive scar that travels across his right cheek towards his nose. On his right thigh, he has a chain with a triangle shaped blade on the end. Koman is a very sad, lonely champion, with a deep depressing voice and sad quotes.

Koman's Skin/s:

Mecha Koman

Headhunter Koman

Redeemed Koman

Friends and Rivals:

Koman's friends are: Riven, Lux, Lee Sin and Soraka, and Koman's rivals are: Elise, Lucian, Varus, Yasuo, Fiora, Warwick and Darius.

Koman's Relations:


Koman is Riven's Brother.
Lux is Koman's closest friend in the League, because when Koman first joined, after he just been betrayed, Lux was the first person who dared to approach him. Koman respects her and is willing to risk his life for her.
While Koman was at the Institute of War, Lee Sin often gave Koman lessons on meditation to soothe Koman's rage.
After Koman's transformation and he travelled to the League, He found Soraka, who helped him learn how to control the power within him.
Nialthiem, the wolf god, is now one being with Koman, giving him all new powers and the ability to transform into Nialthiem's werewolf form.


Elise betrayed Koman and her fellow members of the temple to gain power from Vilemaw, and tortured Koman, giving him the scar he is shamed to have. Koman has sworn revenge on Elise.
Lucian hates everyone from the Shadow Isles, including Koman, even though he doesn't stand by the rest of them.
Koman was directly involved in the destruction of Varus' village, and is a Noxian by nature.
Koman stands by Riven, and because of this, Yasuo is Koman's enemy.
Koman is well known as a skilled fighter, and is a threat to Fiora's goal.
Warwick wants to rip out Soraka's heart, but Koman wants to defend her.
Darius believes that Koman is weak for abandoning Noxus in their battle against Ionia.


Koman feels most at home in the Freljord.

Koman's sword:

Here is a link to the sword which I think looks the closest to Koman's.


(Note: This is not intended to be copyright, there is merely an example. Also, the blade is slightly thicker and slightly more curved at the end of the blade.)

Special events: When Koman and Elise are on separate teams, and both level 16 or higher and each have over 6 kills, the special event Battle for Dominance will trigger. When playing Koman, the message says: "Koman must defeat Elise to bring peace and control to the Shadow Isles, and to get his revenge."
When playing Elise, the message says: "Elise must eliminate Koman in order to continue her plot and take over the Shadow Isles."

Koman's Taunts:

Elise: Koman has 4 unique Human form taunts and 2 Werewolf form taunts against an enemy Elise, one automatically triggered once Koman is granted vision of an enemy Elise, the other 5 being manually trigger-able by the player.

Taunt 1: (Triggers when Koman is granted vision on an enemy Elise) "Elise...You have nowhere to run. We end this, once and for all!"

Taunt 2: (Manually triggered) "I loved you once, Elise... But what you have done is unforgivable!"

Taunt 3: "You chose the wrong path, Elise! Now, you will bleed for it!"

Taunt 4: "I'm sorry it had to come to this... But you have left me no choice!"

Taunt 5: (Werewolf Form) "Challenge me, Elise! If you dare!"

Taunt 6: (Werewolf Form) "Come here, Spider Queen! Let me show you the power of the Wolves!"


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "What have we here? A Dragon? How original."


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "Bow down to me, Warwick! I will show you the true path of the Wolf!"


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "You're here to kill me? Just make it quick, Purifier."


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "No holding back, Riven. Do not show any mercy to a monster like me. Even if I am your brother."

Taunts against Koman:


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "Anyone can be a hero, Koman. You just gotta try!"


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "My bolts will cleanse your evil from this world, Werewolf."


Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "Give in to your despair, Koman, and surrender yourself to me."
Taunt 2: (Manually triggered) "Poor, poor Koman. If you surrender your soul to me, I will avenge you."

Koman's Normal Taunt:

Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "On your knees, I want you to beg for forgiveness!"
Taunt 2: (Manually triggered) "Either by blade, claw or spell, your end's the same."
Taunt 3: (Manually triggered) "Your remains will vanish into the winds, just as my honour did long ago."

Koman's Werewolf form taunt:

Taunt 1: (Manually triggered) "I will tear you to pieces, Mortal!"
Taunt 2: (Manually triggered) "I wonder how flexible your insides are!"

Koman's Jokes:

Koman's Normal Joke:

Joke 1: (Manually triggered) "Ugh... I smell weakness. Or, that could be another wolf marking his territory..."

Koman's Werewolf form Joke:

Joke 1: (Manually triggered) A hand appears in front of Koman and begins bouncing a tennis ball. Koman falls to all four legs. "Resist... the urge..." Koman then rushes forward and plays around with the tennis ball before it fades away and Koman goes back to normal.

Movement Quotes (Human):

1) "No turning back now."
2) "There is nothing worse then betrayal."
3) "Can you truly control me, summoner?"
4) "I will not forget my path!"
5) "The past is nothing but a bad memory."
6) "The wolf is the only truth I have found."
7) "The wolf is a part of us all, and it will be heard."
8) "No more running away."
9) "She will pay for what she has done."
10) "I will find you!"
11) "Never trust someone with your life, for they will steal it away."
12) "No forgiveness."
13) "I do not fear death, for I have nothing else to lose."
14) "She will not escape me!"
15) "Is this truly my fate?"
16) "I'm running out of time."
17) "I will not give in!"
18) "I'm a lost cause... Not a hero."
19) "It can't end now. My task... is not yet complete."

Attacking Quotes (Human):

1) "Their death shall be swift."
2) "My hands are stained, with blood."
3) "Prepare yourself."
4) "Let's end this."
5) "I will not show any mercy."
6) "My blade shall be stained with their blood."
7) "Death is the only means to an end."
9) "Mercy... They do not deserve it."
10) "The smell of blood... is strong."
11) "Their death must come to pass."
12) "I will not retreat."
13) "One more body added to the pile."
14) "For how long must this continue?"

If you want further detail about Koman, then I urge you to read the Fanfiction I posted on-line. It should hopefully explain everything. Or you can just leave a comment below! The Fanfiction is not finished yet but I am posting chapters whenever I can. Anyway, if you are actually reading this, I want to personally thank you for reading my champion concept. It truly means a lot to me

Fanfiction Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10637993/1/A-Lost-Light-in-the-Darkness

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I know that this is awesome but almost sounds like the lycan from dota 2

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Senior Member


I actually think this is a great champion idea, and abilities don't seem too strong. This guy definitely sounds like a good jungler with the slows.
What's his passive? (Did I miss it?)
Is Lethality a basic attack ability like Deadly Strike? I'm guessing it should be... (I'm thinking AA resets).

But unless you can show us the cooldowns, ability cost, and possible scaling I don't have any other questions. A cool lore would be nice. I'm no expert btw.

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Senior Member


And yes he does sound quite like Lycan, except that I don't think Lycan has self sustain/heals, cc and he has pets. Only thing Lycan has to keep up with his target is his almost OP movement speed.

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Junior Member


I quite like this idea as im a fan of the morphing champs such as nidalee and elise. Keep up the good work! Could you add in some cd's and ratio's please?

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The Ravenhawke

Senior Member


Hi guys,
I will try and put some cd's, ability costs and maybe some ratios in the ability descriptions A.S.A.P. Aigiur Phost, i am planning on having Lethality as a lock-on, sort of like Kha'zix's Taste Their Fear ability. Also, i am hoping that Koman will turn out as a damage-dealing top laner or jungler. But he does function on the same mechanics as Jayce, Elise and Nidalee.

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Senior Member


I do notice with many morphing champions they have range for initial combat and then they go melee to finish off their target. Mecha Koman, (Transformers lol!)

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Senior Member


A huge part of champion creation is probably the base statistics. This guy could be too tanky or to squishy depending on his base statistics or he could deal too little or too much dmg.


How long does the next-basic-attack buff on Deadly Strike last?
Rengar and Wukong have indicators that tell them how long they have to use it before it disappears. (I am really thinking about Sheen and Trinity Force viability here, huehuehue).
On this note, since Trinity Force has AP, I'd like to know the AD or AP scalings with Koman.
There is no need but I'd like his Deadly Strike to scale from both AP and AD.

I'm thinking that The Hunt for Blood and Blood of the Wolf movement speed increase stacks with each other right?
Also, could you add if either of these is a percentage bonus movement speed or a flat bonus movement speed.
For example: Phantom Dancer has a percentage movement speed increase while Boots of Mobility has a flat bonus movement increase.

How long does the invisibility for The Hunt for Blood last?
What's going to be the AD scaling. (Or AP surprise me?)

With Koman's ultimate ability, is the armor loss going to be percentage or Flat armor loss?
Because if it is percentage, that would be one thing that would make this guy unique, no other champion has that (maybe with good reason though, lol.)

What is the range of some of his abilities like Surprise Attack and Scythe ?
You can simply steal range numbers from LoL Wiki of other champions.
(I don't really know how far 400 or 300, etc, range is myself but for experts out there that might find this concept it would really help them analyse this.)


You may want to change this guy's role as tank away, because giving him tanky base statistics would probably make him OP. I know he's supposed to be an initiator, but if he's going to be tank, maybe reduce his Magic Resist too when he activates his werewolf form. One could try a way so that he doesn't remain as a good tank when he goes assassin form. I suggest giving him the role of Melee Bruiser, is durable when played the way you mention him to be, but can be tanky if item choices aim that way. Or can focus on getting DMG items as assassin and not be so durable.

I know this probably sounds like it will take time, but it would be nice for this idea to be able to compete with the most favoured champion concepts out there.

On a fun note, imagine this guy as part of HeadHunter Skins!!!

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The Ravenhawke

Senior Member


Ok guys i just updated the ability ratios, changed Koman's passive and etc. If you think that i have changed too much and he is too strong now let me know in the comments. I'm working on his base statistics now. Also, for you, Aigiur Phost, i have uploaded a small story on Fanfiction.net about Koman's lore/backstory. The link is down below, i hope you like it! Feel free to tell me what i have missed or something that could be improved


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The Ravenhawke

Senior Member


And something i forgot to mention is that i already know Koman's splash art for his classic skin and i'm working on his login theme, i also know his taunts, jokes etc.