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Ideas for a Mission based LOL

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Kaffee mit Milch

Junior Member


Hello. I am kinda new to LOL. My friend invited me to play LOL recently and I understand immediately why this game is so attractive: A goal to build the ultimate champion, competitive environment, dynamic gameplay etc. I have played the warcraft version of Dota, so I pick up fairly quick.

With all the champion out there, I think there are more things that can be done rather than just pitch them in an arena and fight each other. I suggest that mini missions can be made, that mission objective can only be completed if both teams are co-operative, however only one team can actually achieve the goal.

For example: The champions are sent to retrieve an item from a very strong boss monster. 2 teams of champions starts at different initiate locations with a travelling merchant, Neutral minions are sent out in waves, Champions can defeat minions or competing team to build levels. The boss monster is so strong that require at least 8-9 well equiped champions at full level to defeat. As a result both team need to co-operate to defeat it. However the item left behind by the boss monsters will drop on ground if anyone is killed. Therefore after the boss monster defeated both team will fight against each other to obtain the item. A time limited game will means that, if the objective item still on the ground when time is up, both team lose the game.

Another possible missions will be like, escorting an NPC to target destination, but can interfere with other teams, or kill the other team's escortee so they have to start again from starting location. The wandering nature of the escortee will definately increase the difficulty of the game, and a time limit for the escort means not to spend only time to hinder competing team.

One more mission I would like to put forward is item collection. Similiar to retrieve item from boss, but this item a set number of items are to be retrieve. Minions will be stronger than Boss Monster mission so team have to help each other to build level. But the number of items that avaliable in the field only allow one team to win.

They are all I have to suggest. Some people may find these ideas familiar. Yes, I get the idea from Everquest's LDON expansion.